Terms of Service

In short

Scope of the service

This platform offers an analysis of the accessibility of scholarly publications. It can also deposit publications on behalf of their authors in repositories. The accessibility and self-archiving policies of the papers on this platform can be incorrect and should not be relied upon for legal advice. When in doubt, users are advised to check from authoritative sources.


Authenticated users are logged-in either via eduGAIN/Shibboleth or ORCID. Dissemin is a participant of RENATER and participates in eduGAIN. When a user logs in to Dissemin via eduGAIN, we receive a persistent identifier and the name of the user. The email address and ORCID identifier are optional. The identity provider can supply additional metadata which we do not rely on. Users can also log in via ORCID, a third-party service. The platform has no access to the private information they provide to ORCID. In particular, we do not store any ORCID passwords, and we do not have access to email addresses that are marked as private in the ORCID record. The platform does not include any analytics, advertisement or tracking services. We are however using the Sentry service for error tracking on this platform. Our webserver configuration stores basic access information (URL requested and IP address) for error monitoring, which are kept for fourteen days. We need to set cookies to authenticate our users, therefore by logging in on this platform, users accept these cookies.

Deposits through Dissemin

The platform can perform mandated publication deposit to repositories. Users are only allowed to upload papers that they have authored themselves, or papers whose authors have consented to the deposit. In addition to these terms of service, users are required to abide by the policies of these repositories.


Please address any inquiry to support@dissem.in.

In full

Personal data

Dissemin uses eduGAIN/Shibboleth and ORCID's public OAuth interface to authenticate its users. When authenticating with eduGAIN/Shibboleth, the user will authenticate against an identity provider participating in eduGAIN. Dissemin asks the following attributes to be released by the identity provider: eduPersonTargetedId (required), name (required), email (optional) and ORCID (optional). In case that a valid ORCID is transmitted, Dissemin will harvest public data from the corresponding ORCID profile The ORCID interface only transmits information marked as public in the user's ORCID profile. This means that ORCID passwords are never transmitted and email addresses are not transmitted when they are marked as private, which is the default setting. When logging in to Dissemin from ORCID, Dissemin acquires the user's ORCID id, as well as all public information attached to the ORCID record. We are using the Sentry service for error tracking on this platform. Our webserver configuration stores basic access information (URL requested and IP address) for error monitoring, which are kept for fourteen days. Dissemin can store any information input by its users on the platform. Users can ask for a copy of the personal information Dissemin stores about them by writing an email to support@dissem.in. Dissemin will transmit name, email or ORCID of the depositing user to the user-selected repository depending on the requirements of the selected repository.

Full text storage

Documents deposited in repositories via Dissemin can be stored on the platform, but are not available for download on the platform. They can be stored internally for logging purposes, and to make sure failed deposits can be fixed later. Dissemin does not commit to store any of the files it receives from its users. Users can write to support@dissem.in if they want one of their uploads to be deleted from our internal storage space, or from the repository they have deposited to. Note that deletion policies vary accross repositories: we provide no guarantee that deposits can be deleted from the target repositories.

Reporting misuse

Misuse can be reported to support@dissem.in.

Déclaration CNIL

The dissem.in website has been registered with CNIL under declaration n°1895382 v0.

You have the right to access, modify, and delete the personal information that we hold about you. To exercise this right, please contact us at support@dissem.in, or by postal mail at the following addresss:

Association CAPSH
34 rue de la Chanaise
71250 Cluny

Privacy Policy

This privacy policy describes the private data usage and processing. It mainly addresses the usage when logged in via Federated Login (Shibboleth). The data private data usage and processing when logged via another authentication method may vary in detail.

Name of the Service


Description of the Service

Free and open service to help researchers deposit their articles in open repositories with respect to self-archiving policies of the publisher and in align with guidelines of employers or funders.

Data Controller and Contact Person

Association CAPSH
34 rue de la Chanaise
71250 Cluny


The provisions of French law apply to this agreement. Place of jurisdiction is Cluny.

Personal Data Processed

In case of login via Federation Login (Shibboleth), following personal data is processed:

  • Data requested as required from users home organization:
    • SAML persistent identifier, unique identifier to identify the user (attribute: eduPersonTargetedID)
    • users name (attributes: givenName, sn)
  • Data requested optional from users home organization:
    • users email (attribute: mail)
    • users ORCID (attribute: eduPersonOrcid)
  • Data gathered from the user:
    • If the home organisation does not provide some of the requested attributes, the user might be requested to provide the missing information in order to use certain functionality, or otherwise this functionality may not be available to the user.
    • If the user makes use of personalization settings.
  • General network traffic data is logged.

Purpose of the Processing of Personal Data

The unique user identifier is needed to recognize the user over sessions and to associate user-related information like personal preferences or settings.

The name of the user is used in the interaction of the platform and the user. Additionally, when the user deposits a publication to an open repository via the platform, the name will be transmitted as required by the adminitration of the choosen repository.

When depositing into an open repository, the email of the user will be transmitted as required by the administration of the choosen repository.

The ORCID is used to associate publications of the user to the users profile. When depositing to an open repository, the ORCID will be transmitted.

Please see the repositories' data privacy policies on handling personal data for further information about downstream processing of information submitted during the deposition process.

General network traffic data is stored for maintenance of the platform.

Third Parties to whom Personal Data is Disclosed

Personal data (name, email, ORCID) may be disclosed on behalf of the user to the following third parties:

In case of disclosing email, the user will have the opportunity to select a different email address.

How to Access, Rectify and Delete the Personal Data

If you need to access, rectify and/or delete any personal data we store about you or which you provided to us please contact us via email: team@dissem.in

Data Protection Code of Conduct

Your personal data will be protected according to the Code of Conduct for Service Providers, a common standard for the research and higher education sector to protect your privacy.