Unidirectional crystal growth and crystalline perfection ofL-arginine phosphate monohydrate

Journal article published in 2012 by B. Riscob, Mohd ShakirORCID, N. Vijayan, K. K. Maurya, M. A. Wahab, G. Bhagavannarayana

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Publisher: International Union of Crystallography

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A large (∼20 mm diameter and 80 mm length) single crystal of l‐arginine phosphate monohydrate (LAP) has been grown for the first time by the unidirectional Sankaranarayanan–Ramasamy method in an aqueous medium in a specially designed constant‐temperature bath. The crystal structure has been confirmed by powder X‐ray diffraction. The crystalline perfection was assessed by high‐resolution X‐ray diffractometry (HRXRD) which found that the quality of the grown single crystal is quite good. HRXRD studies along different directions show that the crystal contains a low density of edge‐type dislocations formed along the growth direction. The thermal stability was assessed using thermogravimetric/differential thermal analysis. The mechanical behaviour was studied using an Omnitech micro‐hardness tester. The dielectric studies were carried out over a wide frequency range of 10 Hz to 5 MHz at room temperature. The characterization studies reveal that the grown bulk single crystal of LAP is suitable for device applications.