Sequence, a BioJS component for visualising sequences

Journal article published in 2014 by John Gomez, Rafael JimenezORCID

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Summary: Sequences are probably the most common piece of information in sites providing biological data resources, particularly those related to genes and proteins. Multiple visual representations of the same sequence can be found across those sites. This can lead to an inconsistency compromising both the user experience and usability while working with graphical representations of a sequence. Furthermore, the code of the visualisation module is commonly embedded and merged with the rest of the application, making it difficult to reuse it in other applications. In this paper, we present a BioJS component for visualising sequences with a set of options supporting a flexible configuration of the visual representation, such as formats, colours, annotations, and columns, among others. This component aims to facilitate a common representation across different sites, making it easier for end users to move from one site to another.