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La insurrección armada de octubre de 1934: la cuenca minera de Barruelo ; Armed insurrection in October 1934: Barruelo mining basin

Thesis published in 2020 by Jorge Ibáñez Díaz
This paper is available in a repository.
This paper is available in a repository.

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ABSTRACT The present work aims to deepen in the events that took place in 1934 in mining basin in the North of Palencia, analyzing whether the radicalization of the miners due to the long - lasting economical crisis and political disappointment was the trigger that pulled them to exceed the ideology of both PSOE and UGT movements and lead the revolution. In addition, another issue would be to consider the issues that fastened the failure of the insurrection, and the causes of the hatred against the Church which took place in those days, as well as the terrible repression against the miners following the revolution. In order to do it, I will take Barruelo de Santullán as the reference, given the significance that mining area had since the second half of the XIX century. There, the general strike of October 1934, as it also happened in the mining basins in Asturias, ended up becoming an armed insurrection starred by the strikers themselves, who, despite not having been able to completely suppress the resistance offered by the Guardia Civil, finally proclaimed the "Spanish Socialist Republic". The prompt intervention of governmental forces that followed prevented them from fulfilling the desired social revolution, but the matters happened in the area between the 5th and 7th October 1934, and above all, the main features of these mentioned facts, deserve a deep analysis. ; Grado en Geografía y Ordenación del Territorio