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eLife Sciences Publications, eLife, (4), 2015

DOI: 10.7554/elife.07888



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STIL binding to Polo-box 3 of PLK4 regulates centriole duplication

This paper is made freely available by the publisher.
This paper is made freely available by the publisher.

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Polo-like kinases (PLK) are eukaryotic regulators of cell cycle progression, mitosis and cytokinesis; PLK4 is a master regulator of centriole duplication. Here, we demonstrate that the SCL/TAL1 interrupting locus (STIL) protein interacts via its coiled-coil region (STIL-CC) with PLK4 in vivo. STIL-CC is the first identified interaction partner of Polo-box 3 (PB3) of PLK4 and also uses a secondary interaction site in the PLK4 L1 region. Structure determination of free PLK4-PB3 and its STIL-CC complex via NMR and crystallography reveals a novel mode of Polo-box–peptide interaction mimicking coiled-coil formation. In vivo analysis of structure-guided STIL mutants reveals distinct binding modes to PLK4-PB3 and L1, as well as interplay of STIL oligomerization with PLK4 binding. We suggest that the STIL-CC/PLK4 interaction mediates PLK4 activation as well as stabilization of centriolar PLK4 and plays a key role in centriole duplication.