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Oxford University Press (OUP)

Green open access summary

This is a short summary of the green open access policy of Oxford University Press (OUP).

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Preprint: archiving allowed
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Postprint: archiving allowed
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Published version: archiving allowed


  • Creative Commons Attribution License 4.0
  • Pre-print on author's personal website, employers website or subject repository
  • Pre-print can only be posted prior to acceptance
  • Pre-print must be accompanied by set statement (see link)
  • Pre-print must not be replaced with post-print, instead a link to published version with amended set statement should be made
  • Post-print in Institutional repositories or Central repositories
  • Publisher's version/PDF may be used
  • Publisher's version/PDF on institutional repository or centrally organised repositories
  • Published source must be acknowledged
  • Must link to publisher version
  • Set phrase to accompany archived copy (see policy)
  • Eligible authors may deposit in OpenDepot
  • Publisher will deposit all articles to PubMed Central and Europe PMC
  • Authors retain copyright
  • All titles are open access journals
  • This policy is an exception to the default policies of ''

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