Annual body mass, reproduction and spring dates

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Other ; Annual estimates of the variables used in the analyses of the Svalbard and West Greenland reindeer data. Column description Svalbard data: bm = mean adult female body mass (kg), SE_bm = standard error of bm, pp = proportion of marked adult females pregnant in April, N_pp = the sample size pp is based upon, pc = proportion of adult females observed with a calf at foot in summer, N_ pc = the sample size pc is based upon, so = Offspring survival from April till summer, N_so = the sample size so is based upon, T50 and EVI-spring = The date of spring onset based on each respective proxy. Column description West Greenland data: PCmax = Maximum estimate of calf production before significant early calf mortality. PCfinal = Final estimate of calf production after early calf mortality, M = Early calf mortality ([PCmax – PCfinal]/PCmax), pcmax = proportion of females with a calf just after calving and before significant early calf mortality, pcfinal = proportion of females with a calf after early calf mortality, sc = offspring survival.