Role of magnetism in superconductivity of BaF e 2 A s 2 : Study of 5 d Au-doped crystals

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Publisher: American Physical Society

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We investigate properties of BaFe2As2 (122) single crystals upon gold doping, which is the transition metal with the highest atomic weight. The Au substitution into the FeAs-planes of 122 crystal structure (Au-122) is only possible up to a small amount of ~3%. We find that 5d is more effective in reducing magnetism in 122 than its counter 3d Cu, and this relates to superconductivity. We provide evidence of short-range magnetic fluctuations and local-lattice inhomogeneities that may prevent strong percolative superconductivity in Ba(Fe1-xAux)2As2. ; Comment: 6 figs; 9 pages