Effect of organic ligands (L-Proline and L-Methionine) on growth, structural, vibrational, crystalline perfection, SHG efficiency, microscopic and optical properties of KDP single crystals

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The effect of l-Proline (LP) and l-Methionine (LM) doping on the various properties of KDP single crystals grown by slow evaporation solution technique has been investigated. The external morphology of the grown crystals was found to vary due to different dopants and doping concentrations. The change in powder X-ray diffraction intensity patterns due to doping shows the lattice distortion within resolution limit and confirms that there is no extra phase. Further, the same was confirmed by FT-Raman analysis. Infra red microscopic study also exhibits the effectiveness of doping in terms of varying surface morphology. Crystalline perfection of KDP crystals with LP and LM doping was examined by high-resolution X-ray diffraction. This shows very interesting features on the ability of accommodating the dopants in the crystalline matrix. Second harmonic generation efficiency was also found to be in similar fashion as of crystalline perfection. The optical transparency of doped crystals was tested.