The Spinning and Curving of Spacetime: The Electromagnetic and Gravitational Fields in the Evans Field Theory

Journal article by M. W. Evans

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Publisher: Springer Verlag (Germany)

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The unification of the gravitational and electromagnetic fields achieved geometrically in the generally covariant unified field theory of Evans implies that electromagnetism is the spinning of spacetime and gravitation is the curving of spacetime. The homogeneous unified field equation of Evans is a balance of spacetime spin and curvature and governs the influence of electromagnetism on gravitation using the first Bianchi identity of differential geometry. The second Bianchi identity of differential geometry is shown to lead to the conservation law of the Evans unified field, and also to a generalization of the Einstein field equation for the unified field. Rigorous mathematical proofs are given in appendices of the four equations of differential geometry which are the cornerstones of the Evans unified field theory: the first and second Maurer-Cartan structure relations and the first and second Bianchi identities. As an example of the theory, the origin of wavenumber and frequency is traced to elements of the torsion tensor of spinning spacetime.