Energy, Momentum, Mass and Velocity of a Moving Body in the Light of Gravitomagnetic Theory

Journal article by Sergey G. FedosinORCID

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Publisher: NRC Research Press (Canadian Science Publishing)

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In the weak-field approximation of the covariant theory of gravitation the 4/3 problem is formulated for internal and external gravitational fields of a body in the form of a uniform ball. The dependence of the energy and the mass of the moving body on the energy of the field accompanying the body, as well as the dependence on the characteristic size of the body are described. Additions in the energy and the momentum of the system, defined by the energy and momentum of the gravitational and electromagnetic fields, associated with the body, are explicitly calculated. The conclusion is made that the energy and the mass of the system can be described through the energy of ordinary and strong gravitation and through the energies of electromagnetic fields of particles that compose the body.