Giant vertical magnetization shift induced by spin canting in a Co/Ca2Ru0.98Fe0.02FeO4heterostructure

Journal article published in 2013 by S. J. Yuan, L. LiORCID, T. F. Qi, L. E. DeLong, G. Cao

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Publisher: American Physical Society

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We present a study of exchange bias generated at the interface between a polycrystalline Co film sputtered on a cleavage plane of single-crystal Ca2Ru0.98Fe0.02FeO4. The exchange bias is accompanied by an extremely large vertical magnetization shift that is characterized by 60% of the saturation magnetization in a 70-kOe cooling field. This phenomenon is seldom observed in other heterostructures. The effects of cooling-field amplitude and temperature on the exchange bias indicate that the magnetization shift results from a ferromagnetic contribution of canted moments in Ca2Ru0.98Fe0.02O4. A Type-I training effect is also observed, in which the hysteresis loop shrinks from both sides with cycling of the applied field.