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Elsevier, Physics Letters B, p. 138762, 2024

DOI: 10.1016/j.physletb.2024.138762



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Searches for exclusive Higgs boson decays into D⁎γ and Z boson decays into D0γ and Ks0γ in pp collisions at s=13TeV with the ATLAS detector

Journal article published in 2024 by G. Aad ORCID, E. Aakvaag ORCID, B. Abbott ORCID, K. Abeling ORCID, N. J. Abicht ORCID, S. H. Abidi ORCID, M. Aboelela ORCID, A. Aboulhorma ORCID, H. Abramowicz ORCID, H. Abreu ORCID, Y. Abulaiti ORCID, B. S. Acharya ORCID, A. Ackermann ORCID, C. Adam Bourdarios ORCID, L. Adamczyk ORCID and other authors.