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Magnolia Press, Phytotaxa, 3(459), p. 209-218, 2020

DOI: 10.11646/phytotaxa.459.3.2



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Tasmanian chroodiscoid thelotremoid lichens (Graphidaceae) revisited

Journal article published in 2020 by Gintaras Kantvilas ORCID
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Distributing this paper is prohibited by the publisher

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Data provided by SHERPA/RoMEO


Some thelotremoid lichens of Tasmania are reviewed. The following new combinations are proposed: Gintarasia asteliae (Kantvilas & Vĕzda) Kantvilas, G. minor (Kantvilas & Vĕzda) Kantvilas and G. tasmanica (Kantvilas & Vĕzda) Kantvilas. A revised description of Schizotrema schizolomum (Müll.Arg.) Mangold & Lumbsch, based on Tasmanian collections, is provided, and the new species, S. vezdanum Kantvilas, recorded from Tasmanian and Victoria, is described and illustrated; it is characterised by a thallus containing stictic acid, 8-spored asci, and non-amyloid, muriform ascospores, 22−44 × 9−18 µm. Schizotrema guadeloupense (Hale) Mangold & Lumbsch is deleted from the Tasmanian census. Also described as new and illustrated is the Tasmanian endemic, Topeliopsis fatiscens Kantvilas, characterised by a thallus containing salazinic acid, (1−)2(−3)-spored asci and strongly amyloid, muriform ascospores, 37−100 × 19−40 µm. Thelotrema lepadodes var. endochrysoides Jatta is identified as a synonym of the cosmopolitan species T. lepadinum (Ach.) Ach.