Optimizing The Final Cost In Distribution Networks Under Fuzzy Restrictions

Journal article by Luis Castillo, Antonio Gonz

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. The sizing of pipelines in distribution networks is a well known problem in industrial engineering. This is a difficult problem due, mainly, to the complex calculi required and the presence of some restrictions throughout the network. In this paper we approach the problem considering soft restrictions, instead of hard restrictions, with a view to obtaining more economic solutions when these restrictions are slightly violated. 1 Introduction During the design of distribution networks in factories, designers have to calculate all the network's features so that, on the one hand, the fluid reaches the desired pressure and flow rates at different points, and on the other hand, the fluid maintains a controlled speed needed to perform any physical action, such as cleaning, or to avoid turbulences which might spoil it. This problem is difficult due to the complex calculi required to model the behaviour of the fluid and the strong interrelationships between its physical properties throughout ...