Comparison of extended Jones matrices for twisted nematic liquid-crystal displays at oblique angles of incidence

Journal article by F. H. Yu, H. S. Kwok

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Publisher: Optical Society of America

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Detailed formulas were derived by using Yeh's formulation of the extended 2 2 Jones matrix and applied to twisted nematic liquid-crystal displays at oblique angles of incidence. Numerical comparisons of this ex-tended Jones matrix method with the exact 4 4 Berreman matrix and with the extended Jones matrix of Lien are presented. The various extended Jones matrix formulations differ in their approach to boundary-condition matching between the model birefringent layers. We show that Yeh's version is a more accurate approximation to the full 4 4 matrix. This extended Jones matrix method is fast, direct, and simple. It is also physically more intuitive. © 1999 Optical Society of America [S0740-3232(99)00711-5] OCIS codes: 160.