Fuzzy Optimization of Distribution Networks by using Genetic Algorithms

Journal article by Luis Castillo, Antonio Gonz Alez

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. This paper is focused on applying genetic algorithms to the problem of pipeline sizing in distribution networks. Throughout the paper, the model of the problem evolves from an initial one, based on hard restrictions, towards a final decision problem based on fuzzy restrictions, with regards to obtaining the best solution to this problem from an economic viewpoint. Keywords. Pipeline sizing, Genetic Algorithms, Fuzzy Logic, Decision Theory 1 Introduction One of the most common tasks in the scope of industrial engineering is the transportation of materials, or fluids in general, from one point to another in a plant, in order to meet the requirements of the elements distributed in it. These requirements involve providing a fluid flow rate with a given minimum pressure, both of which are set either according to functioning requirements or design requirements. In order to satisfy these requirements, distribution networks for this fluid are designed, based upon round-section pipes, throu...